Could We Keep The At Home Movie Premiers?

Picture of a cardboard Sonic the Hedge Hog and Harper L Ferguson at the movie theater sitting in a chair.

What matters right now is that at Casa Ferguson, my popcorn is perfect, the acoustics are great, I am always happy with my wardrobe choice and I get to crawl in bed immediately after the conclusion of the show.

I Understand Now That Food Is Love

I quickly realized that I helped to create picky eaters, people who refused to eat the things my husband and I enjoyed. Why wouldn’t this picky one year old eat this freshly blended organic green beans and avocado?

Don’t Shrink Your Circle Of Friends

I will sheepishly admit that on more than one occasion, my 3 children have all gone to bed after my husband and myself. They are between the ages of 8-12. It’s called survival folks—pure and unadulterated life survival skills of 2020-2021. No judgement please.