Music To My Ears

You know I never even saw it coming. One moment I was this hip 30-something professional woman who knew all the latest fads and fashions and could sing the hook to the most fly tunes and now I couldn’t tell you one song on the top 10 list for today. I thought this would happen […]

If You Think Its Child Proof Better Think Again

We put way too much trust in our manufacturers today and too little trust in how swift and intelligent our children are. I used to believe that the words “child-proof” meant something but now I know otherwise. When I have an item that is marked child-proof I immediately categorize it as something that may take […]

Raising a Child In This Age of The Swine Flu

In a perfect world where everyone utilizes common sense and follows all the rules, I wouldn’t have to worry as much as I do about my child becoming ill. However, I have learned and continue to learn on a daily basis that people are very careless and selfish when dealing with the health and well-being […]

I Cannot Allow My Baby Son to Cry Himself to Sleep

Now I know that everyone has really strong opinions on this topic and I must admit that recently my own opinion has changed. The golden rules of bedtime seem to be; 1. Do not allow your child to sleep in your bed and; 2. Once you have put your child to bed you should allow […]

My Baby is a Genius

It’s amazing how the small things that your little one does makes your day and appears extraordinary in your own eyes. Our son has just started clapping now on his own and we think it’s the most awe inspiring, ingenuous thing we have ever seen. I know that other children are capable of clapping but […]

So what the heck is a soccer dad anyway?!!

I was introduced to this title initially by my husband and his frequent reference to him staying home with our children. Apparently, many of my married friends have husbands who are also familiar with the so-called soccer dad. While we were dating, my husband, would jokingly claim that he would stay home and watch the […]

Becoming A New Mommy For 2nd Time

Over this past week I have really been thinking about a lot, particularly about this new baby that is on the way. My husband and I have happily reached this point where our son sleeps soundly throughout the night; he eats well and sort of communicates with us. Therefore, we often find ourselves asking the […]

Please do not touch my baby

“Don’t touch my son!” Those were my husband’s exact words to this little old lady as she went in for the kill, with her arms outstretched, reaching towards our baby with her face contorted into a mixture of a smile and a grimace. A frequent dilemma that we seem to face is strangers wanting to […]

I Went To A Bachelorette Party 14 weeks Pregnant

Well, the title says it all! I recently helped host a shower and bachelorette party for a good friend of mine who is getting married. In true LaTrice style, I decided to keep things interesting by getting knocked up not only for the wedding but for the bachelorette festivities also. Unfortunately, at 14 weeks you […]

Surprise, I’m going be a mommy… again.

Well, here I am getting cozy in this thing called motherhood. I am getting used to having spit-up on my shirt, finding pacifiers in my backpack, waking up at 300 am, not eating breakfast, not eating lunch, changing diapers, cleaning spit-up…… You get the picture, I could go on for hours. However, let me clarify […]