Baby number two is here!

Well, he is here and in just 15 minutes he was able to steal our hearts completely. One look at my new son and all the fear and anxiety that I have harbored over the past couple of days has dissipated. I look at him and realize that this is a different little boy with […]

Baby Number Two Is Almost Here (Five Days and Counting)

I officially have five days left until our second little bundle of joy arrives. It is still extremely difficult to allow this revelation to sink in and I cannot appropriately express all of my current feelings in words. I am excited and terrified, happy and anxious, elated and exhausted all at the same time. I […]

Christmas Yea !!!

Well, Christmas day has come and gone but the joy I felt from experiencing that day with my son is still alive in my heart. I have always vowed to never allow myself to get wrapped up in the commercial value of Christmas. When I was single I would always preach to anyone who would […]

Bumps, Falls, Scrapes and Bruises

I honestly thought that this would be an article that I would be writing later in my child’s life, but already, at a ripe age of 11 ½ months I am faced with the continuous heart-stopping incidents of my son falling and hurting himself and he is not even walking on his own yet! What […]

My Kid Is So Competitive/Or Maybe Its Us?

I get so excited this time of year because everyone is in the Christmas spirit. There is holiday music and Christmas parties and the air is just filled with excitement. Not to mention that this is the time of year that my first child was born which only increases how special the holiday season is […]

My Childs First Birthday Preparation

All right, the pressure is on! My child’s first birthday will be here in less than a month and I am beginning to feel the pressure to produce an amazing party. I am not sure where all of this pressure is originally generated but I can attest to the fact that the pressure is real. […]

Queen LaTrice

“So when are you going to try for a little girl?” I am asked this question on a regular basis and I haven’t even had my second baby yet. I often just look at the person posing the question as if their head is on fire before answering “This is it, I am done and […]

Whatever happened to Mommy Time?

Having a child has made me realize that there are many things that become plentiful or abundant in your household as that child grows and matures, and there is one thing that seems to dissipate in the atmosphere forgotten by most and that is “mommy time”. Over these past 10 ½ months I have noticed […]

The Second Time Will Be No Different From the First

The time is quickly approaching when our next little munchkin will join us and ultimately enrich our lives and I have a strong concern about my ability to devote enough attention and time to both of my boys. In efforts to curtail this fear, I have sworn that I will devote as much time to […]

This Year We Are Boycotting Daylight Savings Time

I never really thought much about the change of the clocks these past 36 years until recently. I used to get a little excited with the opportunity to gain one hour in my day but it never served a significant purpose in my life. However, once you have a little one with a very fragile […]